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Graham started playing guitar at the age of fourteen and soon realised the power of music to move and delight. Within ten years he was playing and singing with other musical friends in pubs and folk clubs (generally for no remuneration other than the odd free beer!) Career, marriage and a young family then put paid to serious music-making for a good many years until he became involved with playing and ultimately leading songs and hymns in his local church.

While listening to a sermon at church on the Book of Ruth from the Old Testament he had an idea for some musical lines based on the text being read. The lines eventually turned into a complete song, which subsequently gave birth to the creation of a set of songs based on the story of Ruth. Spoken narrative was then added to link the songs together, and 'Ruth, A Musical Play' was born!

The lovely story of Ruth is suitable for all ages and the play can be performed by schools, churches, theatre groups or choirs. It can be a small production, consisting of a few solo singers and backing vocalists acting out the scenes, or a larger production with a full choir. The duration of the play is one hour.

Graham trained as an electronics engineer and spent the best part of fifty years working in the semiconductor, communications and aerospace industries. He and his wife have five children and three grandchildren. He is now retired and he and his wife enjoy dancing and cruising around the world. After retiring he rediscovered his love of the guitar and joined up with a couple of pals to form a band who play gigs in his local area of Poole in Dorset.

His lifelong interest in technology and computers was put to good use post-retirement in setting up a small studio at home where he composes and records his own music, including preparation of the scores, producer's script, and fully-orchestrated rehearsal and backing tracks for 'Ruth.'
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