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Tony Frier
Working in the Following Genres:
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
The Man
Tony has spent a lifetime in amateur theatre ranging from plays to pantos, musicals to melodrama and festivals to something else beginning with F. His involvement covers appearing on stage, directing, designing and choreographing and he has more recently turned his hand to scriptwriting. By day he works as a Chartered Accountant gaining much of his inspiration for his plays during a lunchtime walk around the park. He lives in Surrey with his wife and, when not writing, enjoys gardening, travel and researching family history.
The Work
Tony's work is largely intended for the world of one act festivals, but these can equally form a successful evening of two one-act plays. Given the constraints of festivals the plays are relatively easy to stage and doubling is possible for those with larger casts. A number of his works are based on real life murder cases - As the Clock Struck Ten, In the White Time, Just Fifteen Minutes - a genre that is currently particularly popular on the small screen. Others - Are You Watching Me?, Gate Thirteen - are more light-hearted, but with a surprising twist in the tail.
Full-Length Plays
As The Clock Struck TenIn The White Time 
One-Act Plays
Are You Watching Me?Change Of HeartIn The White Time
As The Clock Struck TenGate ThirteenJust Fifteen Minutes

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