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Taylor Seymour
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One-Act Plays
About Taylor
Taylor Seymour is an American student living in the Texas hill country with an undying love for the arts. At the age of 17 Lazy Bee published her first script with many more (hopefully) to come! She first became interested in writing scripts when her high school drama teacher gave her an assignment to write a short comedy for class. Ever since then Taylor was inspired to contribute to the local fine arts community in the best way she could. Taylor is now going in to her last year of high school with the intention to continue doing what she loves with the teachers who inspired her to do so in the first place.
Behind Their Eyes Inspiration
The events that take place in this show are dramatized versions of stories the author had heard from her peers or experienced herself during her time in high school. Inspired by the struggles that bound so many of them together Taylor decided that the world needed to know just what went on in the minds of teenagers everywhere and thus her first published work came to be.
The People That Inspired Her
Throughout her life many wonderful people inspired Taylor. Those who inspired her the most in her pursuit of a career in writing were her mom Traci, her director Heather, her English teacher Mrs. Ranzau and former teacher Mrs. Gray. Sadly Mrs. Gray never got to see how much Taylor accomplished because she passed away on the same day that her first work got officially published. She would have never gotten this far without her encouragement and promises never to forget the teacher who taught her how much fun writing could be.
One-Act Plays
 Behind Their Eyes 

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