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Lesley Gunn
Murder Mysteries
About the Author
Lesley Gunn is allowed to live in Cambridgeshire by her two cats. She is old enough to know better.

She started writing fiction at a young age but Santa saw through those and never took her off the naughty list.

She has made a few appearances on stage, most notably as 'Easter Plate I' at the age of six in primary school, after which she was told to take up the recorder and subsequently was only ever in the school orchestra.

Following her last stage performance in pantomime as a six foot six inch robot wearing a Darth Vader mask, she turned to writing for the stage instead of having to be on it.

She is currently plotting new Murder Mysteries and helping police with their enquiries into an increased frequency of Google searches on how to kill people.
Murder Mysteries
The Great British Bump-OffKilling ThymeA Hair-Raising Halloween
Death By PaintbrushHarvey's Wallbanger 
Murder by MattressStrictly Murder 

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