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Bob Tucker - Playwright
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Bob Tucker was born in the first half of the last century in fabled Bristol then revelling in her status as both City and County. Spells in the Principality clinging to the left hand side of England and in Suffolk on the right hand side, planning to sail around the world finally led to his catching the ferry to the Netherlands where he has lived since 1991.

Whilst struggling with Latin conjunction and the mysteries of Algebra etc. he was often referred to as, 'that stupid boy' but it was also suggested that he might be a late developer. Perhaps taking half a century to show some promise as a playwright was taking the idea to extremes but a lifetime of experience seems to have been necessary to bring things together. There were earlier creative writing attempts made but the cost of Tipp-ex proved prohibitive and it was not until the advent of fumbling finger friendly keyboards and the discovery of Lazy Bee that possibilities could be realised.

An important part of the lifetime experiences involved Amateur Dramatics in which Bob became inveigled at around the age of fourteen. This also resulted in the early acquisition of a beard, now greatly altered in colour, because of the fear of becoming addicted to spirit gum and the eventual loss of teeth brought about by the frequent use of a pipe, later often aflame but now rejected, to age the then wrinkle free youth.

Upon moving to Netherlands Bob missed Real Ale, which is probably just as well waist wise but also the aforementioned compulsive hobby. The former can sometimes be assuaged and the cure for the latter was to start a group IDEA that has for the past fifteen years been offering English Culture mainly in the form of Pantomime to the unsuspecting citizens of that land, as well as Musicals (see below) and Drama.
 Robin Hood - An Investigation Into His Life And Times 
Full-Length Plays
Emporium - The Story of the StoreReiterations 
One-Act Plays
AirfieldEmporium [One-Act Version]Maintenance
B & BEmporium 3New Beginnings
BetrayalEmporium 4The Rehearsal
BucolicEmporium 5Revelations
The Dial ConspiracyGuidanceSharing
EmergencyThe InterviewTabbed
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
CampingEat MeReality?
CheersEmporium 2Secrets
Collections of Scripts
Bob Tucker - Lionised Playwright

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