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John Garforth
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Plays With (Optional) Music
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
A prolific writer and director of plays and novels and promoter of the arts at community level. He turned popular television programmes such as The Avengers, The Pallisers and Paul Temple into paperback novels. He had a career as a local government entertainment and arts officer and was manager of the Questors Theatre in London. He founded theatre companies including The Theatre of the Unemployed, The New Jobseekers and the Tamworth Pantomime Company, for whom he wrote and staged plays and pantomimes.
Stage Plays
• The Lunatic Fringe, Hampstead Theatre Club
• The Blackburn Mystery Cycle, Mid-Pennine Arts
• Steadman, Questors Theatre
• When in April and Armageddon, Questors Theatre
Stage Plays for Theatre of the Unemployed
• Falstaff (with Wm Shakespeare),
• Tremayne’s Folly
• A Tamworth Tragedy
• The Children’s Party
• Knocking on Heaven’s Door
• The Road to Canterbury
• Who’s Afraid of Virginia Bottomley?
• Robin Hood
• Bedtime with Baldock
• The Importance of Being Belinda
• A Postcard from Skegness
• Ankerside - six hours local radio soap for Palace FM (banned)
• Dick Whittington
• Cinderella

Stage Plays for New Jobseekers
• The Dream Factory
• Wish You Were Here
• Nude with Ripe Peaches
Stage Play for Tamworth Heritage Trust
• Local Heroes, Local Villains
Pantomime for Shoebox Theatre Pantomime
• Jack & the Beanstalk
For Leyfields’ Rude Mechanicals
• The Spirit of Hopwas Woods
• The Floating Game, The Laugh Was on Lazarus, The Passing of Gloria Munday, Heil Harris - based on The Avengers, Panther
• Sleep and the City Trembles, Panther Books
• The Champions, Hodder Paperbacks
• The Harkdale Robbery, The Kelby Affair, The Geneva Mystery, The Curzon Case - featuring Paul Temple, Hodder Paperbacks
• A Day in the Life of a Victorian Policeman, Geo.Allen & Unwin
• The Pallisers, Mirror Books
• Sexton Blake, Mirror Books
Plays With (Optional) Music
 Wish You Were Here? 
Full-Length Plays
 Steadman - In The Mouth Of The Lion 
One-Act Plays
The Importance Of Being BelindaTremayne's Folly 

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