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Richard Coleman
Richard Coleman - playwright
Working in the Following Genres:
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays

Richard Coleman has been writing for the stage for over twenty years. Brought up in Colwyn Bay he graduated from Manchester University before teaching at Lymm in Cheshire. He is co-founder of the amateur theatre group, 'The Really Useless Theatre Company' based in Lymm. Richard, a teacher for thirty five years, before taking early retirement has directed many original pantomimes, and is known for his quirky sense of humour.
Comic mysteries
For his comedy/mystery scripts, Richard has created a new English county, and has gradually been filling in its history and geography, via scripts such as 'The Ghosts of Marvin Grange', 'The Affairs at Meddler's Top', 'The Fumblings at Friar's Bottom', 'The Riddles at Ramshackles Rest', 'The Clamourings at Giggly Halt', and 'The Perils at Peddler's Cove'.
Short Pants
'Short Pants' is Richard's series of short rhyming pantomimes, Which are available as individual scripts or as a complete set. In addition, he has also written full-length pantos.
Famous Tales
Richard has also written some rhyming versions of famous story-lines, which are superb for small classes of children. They include 'Wind in the Willows', 'Alice in Wonderland', and 'The Knights of the Square Table', the story of Camelot. Richard believes that the art of live performance, and certainly amateur productions should be encouraged. His scripts leave room for improvisation and adaptation.
Pantomime (by Richard Coleman)
Aladdina and Somebody's Magic LampRhyming Beauty and The BeastRhyming Robin Hood
Chaos In WonderlandRhyming Christmas CarolRhyming Snow White
Cinderella's Missing!Rhyming CinderellaSqueezy and the Wicked Queen
CitronellaRhyming Jack and the BeanstalkStromboli the Puppet Master
The Complete Short PantsRhyming Mother GooseWhittington and his Crazy Cat
Rhyming Ali BabaRhyming PinocchioThe Wrong Pantomime
Pantomime (by Richard Coleman)
Captain Hook's RevengeRhyming Captain Hook 
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Alice in WonderlandThe Journey of the Magi [Verse]Rhyming Wind in the Willows
Camelot - The Knights of the Square TableA Journey to OzThe Scary Tale of Count Dracula of Transylvania
A Chaotic Christmas CarolMerry Christmas Mr ToadThe Scary Tale of The Mummy's Curse
Cinderella's BeanstalkRhyming NativityThe Scary Tale of The Werewolf
Cinderella's Grumpy TurkeyRhyming Treasure IslandSnow White and The Three Bears
Full-Length Plays
The Affairs At Meddler's TopThe Ghosts of Marvin GrangeThe Perils at Peddler's Cove
The Capers at Cricketers' CopseThe Japes at Jester's ReachThe Riddles at Ramshackle's Rest
The Clamourings at Giggly HaltThe Killings at Snowball's DriftThe Scramblings at Spriggly Torch
The Death on the Smug JugglerThe Mayhem on Smuggler's Pier 
The Fumblings at Friar's BottomNaughties At The Nineteenth Hole 
One-Act Plays
The Affairs At Meddler's TopThe Hound Of The BaskervillesThe Scramblings at Spriggly Torch
The Ghosts of Marvin GrangeThe Perils at Peddler's Cove 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
 The Scary Tale of Frankenstein 

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