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One-Act Plays
Who Is Betty? - or why did I write about an old lady who wanted her husband to suffer..?
I met 'Betty' at the bus stop waiting for the 168. By the time it arrived she'd given me her life story in a fair amount of detail. This lovely old lady obviously wanted to chat and I loved it. I loved hearing about her life and the stuff she'd been through. The character stuck with me. Later, when I was on an MA course in TV and Radio Scriptwriting, I wrote Betty (or Elsie as she was then) as a 45-minute radio monologue. I don't know where the idea of making Frank suffer came from, not from the lovely lady I met at the bus stop that's for sure, but it just arrived as ideas often do. And as did Betty's voice, her malapropisms, her stoicism - and her love of dancing. The monologue was fun but Betty needed people to tell her story to and so the play was born. I'm delighted to have brought her to the page and I hope you enjoy bringing her to life.
Who Is Alison Chaplin? - or why I was always going to be a writer
I was in my first play at 3 years old. That was when theatre claimed me as one of its own and it has never let go since. I performed in every school play, in youth theatre productions, in musicals, and was involved in as many AmDram plays as I could be! I was also the irritating kid down our street who wrote plays and 'encouraged' all the other kids to perform in them. My favourite was 'The Secret Prince' - a classic - we went full costume and everything! Later on, other plays were written for the youth theatre I ran in Manchester and 12 of these were published by Scholastic Ltd. I've never stopped writing plays. I've never stopped loving theatre.
Arts On The Move It's not just a job, it's a passion
I'm a drama teacher, as playwrights so often are. My company, Arts On The Move, provides drama and theatre support for schools, youth theatres, and young actors. The website is chock full of lovely resources - books, plays, lesson plans, information, monologues - loads of stuff! I travel around the North West and Yorkshire delivering drama workshops in primary schools and I love it. Getting paid for spreading the creative love is the best thing in the world.
One-Act Plays
 Dancing Backwards 

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