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The Brigadier
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Full-Length Plays
About me
I have been doing amateur dramatics for 30 years, especially comedies, with several drama groups around Cambridge. My desire to write arose from not being able to find any satisfactory scripts anymore and so decided to try writing something myself, with the advantage of having a drama group to try it out on.
Death of the Dowager Between the wars comedy (with a death)
After numerous sketches and pantomime scripts "Death of the Dowager" is my first length play first performed in 2018 to full audiences.
It has also been performed by
Cobham Amateur Dramatic Society in 2019
A Girl Next Door Contemporary farce
This is my first farce with some human interest thrown in, it was first performed in Cambridge in 2019 to full houses and great acclaim.
Full-Length Plays
Death of the DowagerA Girl Next Door 
Death of the Dowager 2018 (c)  Babyolive Photography & Design

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