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Jamesine Cundell Walker
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Meet the playwright
Jamesine (Jay) is currently the Artistic Director of Ilkley Playhouse. This is a beautiful community theatre on the banks of the River Wharfe in Yorkshire. Jay is instrumental in putting on at least ten productions a year there in their two theatres. She also directs for other groups, especially musicals.
A graduate in drama and English, Jay spent many years working in education including being a Headteacher in a Primary School. She has always been a writer but moved into play writing when she ran her own touring theatre company the Jay Walkers. Because of this, most of her plays require little in the way of set. She is also a fan of doubling in order to maximise the use of a small company of actors.
Jay is a woman of a certain age, she writes about themes from her personal experience which resonate with audiences. All productions of Chance Encounters have been very well received. Run Out has been performed in its home location near Beamsley Beacon.
The Plays
The three pieces published by Lazy Bees are versatile pieces. Chance Encounters and Run Out can be performed as full length but both plays can be performed as one acts or in the case of Chance Encounters as sketches. Run Out has a first act which stands alone. However Act Two helps to resolve some of the questions raised, and also raises more issues. 50/50 works best when played through. Interested??? Do read them!
Do you have a story to tell? If you want a play writing around your story, or a theme you would like exploring then do get in touch. I can work with Lazy Bees to develop something with universal interest.
Full-Length Plays
Chance EncountersRun Out 
One-Act Plays
 50/50 [One-act Play] 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
50/50 [Short play]The Care HomeNice Out, Isn't It?
After The FuneralThe DonorThe Skateboard
The Bag LadyThe First BornSlimmers' Planet
BlackbirdKippers Can’t SwimSnakes and Ladders
The Break UpMagic Marge 
Collections of Scripts
 Three Little Words 

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