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Kathleen Maule Holen
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One-Act Plays
Kathleen Maule Holen has been involved in Community Theatre since 2015 as an actor, director and playwright. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. Her plays have been published and performed across the US with several being awarded prizes in playwriting contests. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Masters Degree in Science and a graduate of the University of Exeter with a Masters Degree in Archaeology. She draws on the experiences of her professions in Nursing and Archaeology when writing. She resides in both Hays, Kansas and Borrego Springs, CA with her husband Steve. She has three grown children and eight grandchildren. Her artistic goal is to bring people together through the experience of live theater productions of her stories.
List of plays
A Mammoth in Harmes Way 2018
Woodstock Reunion 2018
He's Not Santa, He's My Roommate 2019 Adapted to Film as A Gift for All Ages 2022
A Chicken Fried Murder 2019
Molly's Adventures on a Flying Swing 2020
The Giant Gurgling Glob Bread Monster 2020
Three Cats for Christmas 2020
The First Step 2020
War and Pizza 2020
Just the Way Ewe Are 2021
Detective Weston's Last Case 2021
Broom Book and Cackle 2021
A Universal Question 2022
Dorothy's Adventure in the Magical Kingdom Of Oz 2022
Love's Labour's Lost & Found 2022
Nobody Kills Sherlock 2022
Mr. Russell's Gift 2022
Benjamin the Hiding Bunny 2022
Food for Thought 2023
Rose's Were Red 2023
Countdown 2023
Crosswords 2023

One-Act Plays
 The First Step 
Murder Mysteries
 A Chicken Fried Murder 

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