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Nigel Holloway
The real Nigel Holloway
Alter ego #1 - the film star!
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Part time computer consultant, actor, musician, singer, sound engineer and video editor, ex-maths lecturer and ex-radio presenter, Nigel lives in Cardiff.

So far, Nigel has concentrated mainly on writing for the stage, and to date, thirteen of his plays have been published, with performances taking place as far afield as Australia - and Hull. He has also written for radio, television and the screen, but so far with no noticeable success…

Nigel also produces his own audio recordings of his plays, and makes them available for download via his website, which you can find easily enough by searching for 'off-the-wall-plays'...

He has written and published six novels - all available from Amazon Kindle - several plays for television and radio, and many fictional serials for magazines. He has also written two musical adaptations - a version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and a new setting of John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera, both based on the music of Sir Arthur Sullivan.

He is currently writing a second adaptation of The Beggar’s Opera – this time as a rock opera with his fellow musicians in the band Perfect Recall!

He's also writing his seventh novel (the fourth in the Hamish McAllister Chronicles!), and having the best time of his life filming video trailers for his books (you can find the results so far on Nigel's author page on Amazon).
Blackmailing ButterfliesA Savoy Christmas Carol 
Murdering the MikadoThesps 
Full-Length Plays
Big IdeaRipping Off Angels 
One-Act Plays
Dead LuckyRetirement Plan 
Nanny StateThe Smell of Almonds 
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Thesps Midi FilesBlackmailing Butterflies - Rehearsal MP3 
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