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S. J. Bailey
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Full-Length Plays
S.J. Bailey is a British comedic playwright from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Despite having a very vivid and creative imagination from childhood, he didn't realise his ambition to pursue scriptwriting until the age of sixteen.

Inspired by numerous prominent sitcom writers, he penned his first play 'Acting Up' a year later in 2012, staged at The Bradford Playhouse in 2013 by the West Yorkshire Drama Academy. Shortly afterwards, Bailey undertook degrees studying Creative Writing & English at the University of Hull, graduating in 2017.

In 2018, Bailey completed his first draft of 'Spiked', which was given encouraging feedback from script readers at Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre and Leeds Playhouse. Subsequently, the script was given student performances by friends in Hull University Drama Society in 2018 and 2019. The play was well received, earning the 'Best Showcase' award from the society. Bailey submitted this script to Lazy Bee Scripts and was published in 2021.

S.J. Bailey currently balances his time between writing, and his day job as a copywriter. He has previously worked as a labourer, bartender, and marketing assistant. His comedic style has been described as dark, observational, witty, and farcical.
Full-Length Plays

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