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"Find a Few" script search - Help / Frequently Asked Questions

We have a very large number of scripts, all of which can be read on the web site.  Being presented with thousands of scripts can be a bit overwhelming, so this search engine provides a way of narrowing the search down to a more manageable number.


There are several approaches:-

  • Follow the main menu to [Search] [Scripts] [Find Just a Few]
    That takes you to the start of the search process; your search will be steered by a series of questions.
  • Follow the menu to [Shop] [Browse Scripts] and then one of the script categories.  On the resulting page, there should be a link to the Find a Few search page.
    That will enter the search process at a deeper level - so, for example, if you start with plays for children, the search process will start with just scripts performable by children.
  • Any search results containing more than three scripts will give you the option to "Find A Few".
    For example, assume that you want a pantomime version of Aladdin.  Follow the menu to [Shop] [Browse] [Pantomimes] and then in the Pantomimes by Theme section, click on Aladdin.  That will take you to a search results page, where you will find that we have oodles.  However, the "Find A Few" button near the top (or bottom) of the page will allow you to narrow down your search within the Aladdins.

The "Find a Few" search engine uses a sort of binary search.  After asking you some basic questions (like the length of the show and the number of actors), it looks at the number of scripts available, then tries to find a search parameter that will cut that number in half - so the questions it asks are the best ones for reducing the numbers fastest, even if some of the questions may not be particularly relevant to you.  It repeats that process until it is left with a number of scripts that you find manageable.


The Full Search engine (as distinct from the "Find a Few" search) will cope with a few parameters that are not included in Find a Few.  If you use the "Find A Few" button from a search results page, Find A Few will do further filtering correctly, but will mis-report the numbers.
The parameters affected are:-

  • The "individual author".
    (Find A Few will handle "Headline Author" correctly, but not "Individual Author". Individual Author is only possible if you start in the Full Search engine, and it's very easy to avoid!)
  • There may be differences in reporting of script numbers until you get past the "All Adults / All Children / Mix" question in the Find a Few search.


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