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Building the Boardwalk
As constructed on stage in Building Bridges by Colin Calvert
With further photographs from the production by Ampthill & Flitwick Dramatic Society
The boardwalk begins to take shape - note that board 4 is designed to break.
The boardwalk, with a full set of boards, but no rails.
The cast observe the need for safety helmets, but never mind them, the boardwalk is in its initial stage.
Beryl and Molly fit the boards, under supervision from Trish. Clive explains his technical calculations to the sceptical Bob. Mandy looks on, wearing footwear that only she believes to be appropriate.
The dog walker (in this case, a person on, rather than a voice off) remonstrates with Mandy and Trish.
One of the finer points of acting.
Molly makes a point to Beryl

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