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'Torturellini' by E. C. Chapman

Torturellini by E. C. Chapman
by E. C. Chapman
What's It All About?
  • A Murder Mystery which could be used at a private party (with guests taking roles) or performed to an audience
  • The cast perform a script
  • The audience members (if any) question the cast
  • The audience (or party guests) try to work out whodunnit

What Does Lazy Bee Scripts Provide?
Lazy Bee Scripts supplies a pack of material, including:-
  • An Overview for the Organiser, including
    • Guidelines for running the mystery
    • Suggested timings
    • Alternative suggestions for running the mystery at a private party or in front of an audience
  • The script for 4 scenes
  • The Solution - 4 different endings (to allow multiple performances without spoilers!)
    • A final scripted scene
  • Additional Materials
    • The table pack contains financial documents, a medical report, a newspaper clipping and a letter.
    • Detective Sheets for the audience to submit their accusations
What's a Murder Mystery Event?
  • The audience members (or party guests) are brought together for a fictitious 'special event' (and encouraged to dress appropriately for the occasion). A murder takes place, which the participants are invited to solve.
  • In this case
    • A murder mystery set at an outdoor wedding banquet in 1930s Chicago, with the acting company playing the victim, suspects and detectives.
    • Designed to be played outdoors, with a small audience of 'wedding guests', each given a character, though with no direct impact on the action. (Could also be played to a larger audience.)
    • The cast play 4 scripted scenes during which one character is murdered. The audience are invited to interrogate the suspects before making their accusations through 'witness statements'.
    • Finally the murderer is revealed through a final scripted scene.
  • This Mystery Needs
    • An 'acting company' of 6 men and 6 women
    • One set comprising furniture
  • Estimated run times (which may vary enormously!)
    • Scripted elements: 35 minutes
    • Audience interrogation: 10 minutes
Want to know more? Download the (pdf) Taster Pack
What's the Mystery Here?
Chicago in the summer of 1930 where mafia boss Jimmy Mancini is hosting a wedding reception in his garden. His family, every member of his gangland elite, and all the wedding guests have axes to grind. Amongst the assembled guests are:-
Pontella Mancini, Jimmy's wife.
The bride, Abbazia Rossini, Jimmy and Pontella's daughter.
The groom, Alessandro Rossini.
Kevvy ‘The Heavy’ Bartonetti, Jimmy’s loyal bodyguard
Mickey ‘The Wheels’ Di Angelo, Jimmy’s driver
The family accountant, Paolo ‘The Diamond’ Currero
Loretta Currero, Paolo’s wayward twin.
Jimmy's sister, Erica Mancini
The city's only female underworld boss, Carina ‘Night Nurse’ Benposto, Erica's best friend.
Unbeknown to the family and guests, FBI agents Eliot Mess and Ellen Highwater are there undercover as waiters. This comes in handy, when there's a murder which needs rapid investigation.
'Torturellini' - Pricing and Buying
Lazy Bee Scripts charges two fees:-
  • A flat fee of £27.50 for the Murder Mystery Pack
    • Download from the Lazy Bee Scripts web site as a zip file
    • Contains master files of all essential materials
    • Can be used multiple times by your acting company (but you need a performance licence for each performance)
  • A fee of £36.50 for each live performance to an audience (regardless of the audience size)
  • A fee of £36.50 for each livestreamed performance to a paying audience.
  • A fee of £18.25 for each livestreamed performance to a non-paying audience.
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