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'Once Upon a Murder' by Sharon Harrison

Once Upon a Murder by Sharon Harrison
Once Upon a Murder
by Sharon Harrison
What's It All About?
  • A Murder Mystery for an acting company to perform to an audience
  • A mix of scripted elements and improvisation based on plot and character briefs
  • The audience members question the cast
  • The audience try to work out whodunnit

What Does Lazy Bee Scripts Provide?
Lazy Bee Scripts supplies a pack of material, including:-
  • An Overview for the Organiser, including
    • Guidelines for running the mystery
    • Suggested timings
  • The script for 3 scenes
  • Character Briefs for each character
    • Character description
    • Character history
    • Motivation
  • The Solution
    • A final scripted scene
  • Additional Materials
    • A sheet of miscellaneous clues and a copy of Cinderella's prenuptial agreement with Prince Charming.
    • There's a winning certificate to award to the audience team that provides the best solution.
    • Detective Sheets for the audience to submit their accusations
What's an Interactive Murder Mystery?
  • A combination of drama from an acting company and detective work from the audience
  • In this case
    • The characters mingle with the audience as they arrive (improvising conversation), then take their places at the top table.
    • They play out scripted scenes during which there's a murder.
    • The audience interrogate the suspects, then submit their accusations.
    • A final scripted scene reveals whodunnit.
  • This Mystery Needs
    • An 'acting company' of 8 people, including at least 2 men and 3 women
    • One set comprising furniture
  • Estimated run times (which may vary enormously!)
    • Scripted elements: 45 minutes
    • Improvised elements: 10 minutes
    • Audience interrogation: 15 minutes
Want to know more? Download the (pdf) Taster Pack
What's the Mystery Here?
Prince Charming and his new bride Cinderella are throwing a party to celebrate their wedding. Their guests are familiar pantomime characters -
There's a newly qualified Narrator, who may not be all he seems.
Charming's jilted fiancee, Snow White, is both celebrating and seething.
Transferred from Cinderella's household, there's Buttons, the bumbling butler.
There's a good fairy, Fairy Nuff, because there always is.
Representing the out-and-out villains, King Rat has been invited.
And back from China Widow Twankey is back.
Not everyone is fully invested in the concept of happy ever after - indeed, Fairy Nuff, of the FBI (the Fairy Bureau of Investigation), needs, with the help of the audience, to investigate a murder.
'Once Upon a Murder' - Pricing and Buying
Lazy Bee Scripts charges two fees:-
  • A flat fee of £21.75 for the Murder Mystery Pack
    • Download from the Lazy Bee Scripts web site as a zip file
    • Contains master files of all essential materials
    • Can be used multiple times by your acting company (but you need a performance licence for each performance)
  • A fee of £38.50 for each live performance to an audience (regardless of the audience size)
  • A fee of £38.50 for each livestreamed performance to a paying audience.
  • A fee of £19.25 for each livestreamed performance to a non-paying audience.
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