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'Bowing Out' by Alan Robinson

Bowing Out by Alan Robinson
by Alan Robinson
What's It All About?
  • A Murder Mystery for an acting company to perform to an audience
  • The cast perform a script
  • The audience members question the cast
  • The audience try to work out whodunnit

What Does Lazy Bee Scripts Provide?
Lazy Bee Scripts supplies a pack of material, including:-
  • The script for 4 scenes
  • A "role pack" for each character
    • A character brief
  • The Solution
    • A final scripted scene
  • Additional Materials
    • Letters, paper cuttings, informative evidence.
    • Audience solution sheets with spaces for identifying suspects.
What's a Murder Mystery Event?
  • The audience members are brought together for a fictitious 'special event'. A murder takes place, which the participants are invited to solve.
  • In this case
    • There's bitter rivalry amongst a group of faded actors and television stars.
    • The acting company perform the opening two acts; the audience consider the first four pieces of written evidence.
    • The acting company performs the third act; the audience consider three more pieces of written evidence
    • The suspects are interrogated by the audience. The audience try to spot the murderer. There is a brief final script in which the murderer is revealed.
  • This Mystery Needs
    • An 'acting company' of 6 men and 6 women
    • No specific set or furniture
  • Estimated run times (which may vary enormously!)
    • Scripted elements: 120 minutes
Want to know more? Download the (pdf) Taster Pack
What's the Mystery Here?
Three years have passed since the untimely demise of Sly Sparkle, jewel of the West End. On the anniversary of his death, a chosen few still struggle to free themselves from his icy grip, and try to stake their claim on his estate. Tensions rise long before the curtain, as each returns to the spotlight, bringing with them a dark secret and a taste for revenge... Those taking part are:
Destiny Daniels
Billy Blagg
Mabel Brown
Pierre Geeziour
Sir Willard Dashmont
Babooshka Manooshka
Blaine Fox
Jessica Blake
Tarquin Tailor
Vera Scruples
Sapphire Sparkle
In addition, there's Inspector Darkly in charge of the case, and as such - the proceedings. He acts as MC to the audience, chairs the interrogation, and appears in the final scene to announce the murderer.
'Bowing Out' - Pricing and Buying
Lazy Bee Scripts charges two fees:-
  • A flat fee of £33.00 for the Murder Mystery Pack
    • Download from the Lazy Bee Scripts web site as a zip file
    • Contains master files of all essential materials
    • Can be used multiple times by your acting company (but you need a performance licence for each performance)
  • A fee of £62.00 for each live performance to an audience (regardless of the audience size)
  • A fee of £62.00 for each livestreamed performance to a paying audience.
  • A fee of £31.00 for each livestreamed performance to a non-paying audience.
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