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Clicking on an underlined Murder Mystery title will take you to an overview page for that mystery.
In addition to the summary, you will find a links to a detailed overview of the mystery (where there's a downloadable "taster").

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M'Nango Valley (by Really Horrid Productions)
Mates Meet Again (by Really Horrid Productions)
A Meal to Die For (by Eileen Clark)
Media Murder (by Really Horrid Productions)
The Monster Mashed (by Debi Irene Wahl)
Murder at Dragon's Nest (by Patricia Riley)
Murder at Morpeth Manor (by Eileen Clark)
Murder at Rancho Mucho Denaros (by Joanne Mercer)
Murder At The Chateau (by Roger Lee)
Murder at the Manor (by Really Horrid Productions)
Murder by Mattress (by Lesley Gunn)
A Murder Has Been Arranged (by Patricia Gay)
Murder in Cheddar Gorge (by Scott Elias)
Murder in Hollywood (by Giles Black)
Murder Is Served (by Jo West)
A Murder Most Legal (by Roger Lee)
Murder on Air (by Andrew Hull)
Murder on the Home Front (by Andrew Hull)
Murder on the Menu (by Jane Morris)
Murder on the Overnight Express (by Patricia Gay)

Scripts 1 to 20 of 22
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