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Currently, we have 40 play script collections, all of which can be read in full on this site.
Whilst you are welcome to browse through the whole collection of collections, we also have a few ways of narrowing down the search...
What are these Play Script Collections?
Generally, we are talking about sets of short plays or sketches, usually with an overarching theme.  Some of these are designed to be performed together in a sketch show (a revue) - see, for example 'Acting Funny' or 'Skitskrieg'.  Others (particularly the collections of longer shows) might be performed separately,
possibly forming a cycle of plays - for example, Varadachary's Annotated Chess Masterpieces!  Anyway, regardless of these categories, one of the main points of a collection is that
You get a discount!
Buying the collection will be cheaper than buying each of the plays separately (this makes a sketch show a much better economic proposition).
(Some will appear in more than one category)
Collections of scripts suitable for adults
Collections of scripts suitable for teenagers
Collections of scripts suitable for juniors (ages 9 to 12)
Collections of scripts suitable for younger children (ages 5 to 8)

To narrow down to a small number of collections, use the Find A Few search or, if you have very specific requirements, then there's also our theatre script search engine

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