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The Panto of the Opera - Backing CD - Track Listing

The Panto of the Opera - Backing CD by Stuart Ardern
#Track DetailsSample
1Operatic Chorus (Stuart Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
2New Broom (Stuart Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
3New Broom - Reprise (Stuart Ardern)
4The Angel Of Music (Stuart Ardern)
5Cygnets (Music: Tschaikovsky. Arr: Stuart Ardern)
6Pizzicato (Music: Delibes. Arr: Stuart Ardern )
7Angel Of Music - Reprise (Stuart Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
8Every Girl Just Wants To Be (Stuart Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
9Cancan (Music: Offenbach. Arr: Stuart Ardern)
10Profitability Tango (Stuart Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
11The Phantom’s Domain (Stuart Ardern)
12Phantom Music (Stuart Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
13Come And Join The Opera (Stuart Ardern)
14At The Paris Zoo (Chorus) (Stuart Ardern)
15At The Paris Zoo (Full) (Stuart Ardern)
16The Operatic Chorus - Finale (Stuart Ardern)
17Rehearsal Song 4 (Phantom) (Stuart Ardern)
18Rehearsal Song 4 (Christine) (Stuart Ardern)
19Rehearsal Song 5 (Christine) (Stuart Ardern)
20Rehearsal Song 5 (Carlotta) (Stuart Ardern)
21Rehearsal Song 5 (Chorus) (Stuart Ardern)
22Rehearsal Song 8 (Croak) (Stuart Ardern)
23Rehearsal Song 8 (Ribbit) (Stuart Ardern)
24Rehearsal Song 8 (Lead) (Stuart Ardern)
25Phantom Snippet (Stuart Ardern)
26Phantom Entrance (Stuart Ardern)
27The Horse Of The Valkyries (Stuart Ardern)
28Lautrec Entrance (Stuart Ardern)
29Dramatic Cadence (Stuart Ardern)
30Act 3, Scene 3, Intro (Stuart Ardern)
31Act 2, Scene 5, Intro (Phantom Organ) (Stuart Ardern)
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