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Thesps - Midi Files by Nigel Holloway
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1When I Was A Lad (Nigel Holloway)
2Over The Bright Blue Sea (Nigel Holloway)
3A British Tar (Nigel Holloway)
4My Friends, My Leave Of Life (Nigel Holloway)
5For He Is An Englishman (Nigel Holloway)
6Can I Survive This Overbearing? (Nigel Holloway)
7My Gallant Crew (Nigel Holloway)
8We Sail The Ocean Blue (Nigel Holloway)
9Buttercup Recitative (Nigel Holloway)
10The Nightingale (Nigel Holloway)
11A Maiden Fair To See (Nigel Holloway)
12My Friends, My Leave Of Life - Finale (Nigel Holloway)
13Let's Give Three Cheers (Nigel Holloway)
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