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Big Shot - Backing CD - Track Listing

Big Shot - Backing CD by Jonny Ardern
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1Vegas (Jonny Ardern)
2A Night To Remember (Jonny Ardern)
3Double Or Nothing (Jonny Ardern)
4Dealers (Jonny Ardern)
5Mister Big Shot (Jonny Ardern)
6It Means Nothing (Jonny Ardern)
7Paradise (Jonny Ardern)
8You Won’t Say A Word (Jonny Ardern)
9Vegas - Reprise (Jonny Ardern)
10A Gambler’s Choice (Jonny Ardern)
11It Means Nothing – Reprise (Jonny Ardern)
12Don’t Look Back (Jonny Ardern)
13The Day I Learned To Sing (Jonny Ardern)
14Now We’re In love (Jonny Ardern)
15Playing With Fire (Jonny Ardern)
16A Night To Remember (Jonny Ardern)
17Mister Big Shot - Reprise (Jonny Ardern)
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