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A Christmas Box - Rehearsal CD - Track Listing

A Christmas Box - Rehearsal CD by Sharon Jenman
#Track DetailsSample
1Overture (Sharon Jenman)
2I Saw Three Ships (Sharon Jenman)
3Christmas Tree Fairy (Sharon Jenman)
4Journey To Romania (Sharon Jenman)
5Il Est Né (Sharon Jenman)
6O, Tannenbaum (Sharon Jenman)
7Journey To Romania - Reprise (Sharon Jenman)
8Wishful Thinking (Sharon Jenman)
9Thank You (Sharon Jenman)
10Christmas Time (Sharon Jenman)
11Merry Christmas (Sharon Jenman)
12Finale (Sharon Jenman)
13Merry Christmas - Voice 1 (Sharon Jenman)
14Merry Christmas - Voice 2 (Sharon Jenman)
15Il Est Né - A Plus Vitesse! (Sharon Jenman)
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