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Blond - Rehearsal CD - Track Listing

Blond - Rehearsal CD by Rob Wellington
#Track DetailsSample
1Ruler Of The World (Rob Wellington)
2Jackson Bligh Detective Agency (Rob Wellington)Play MP3 Excerpt
3Does it Matter (Music: Rob Wellington, Will Guthrie & Cathie Neil)
4Ruler Of The World - First Reprise (Rob Wellington)
5Things'll Get A Whole Lot Worse (Rob Wellington)Play MP3 Excerpt
6Coffee Or Booze (Rob Wellington)Play MP3 Excerpt
7Things'll Get A Whole Lot Worse - First Reprise (Rob Wellington)
8I Cannot Say My Ars (Rob Wellington)
9I Cannot Say My Ars - Reprise (Rob Wellington)
10Things'll Get A Whole Lot Worse - Second Reprise (Rob Wellington)
11Ruler Of The World - Second Reprise (Rob Wellington)
12Jackson Bligh Detective Agency - Reprise (Rob Wellington)
13Ruler Of The World - Finale (Rob Wellington)
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