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Who The Devil Did It? - Rehearsal CD - Track Listing

Who The Devil Did It? - Rehearsal CD by Carol Hill and Anna Heppner
#Track DetailsSample
1Who The Devil Did It? (Anna Heppner)Play MP3 Excerpt
2Grace (Anna Heppner)Play MP3 Excerpt
3Jonny And Crash (Anna Heppner)
4The Best In The Force (Anna Heppner)Play MP3 Excerpt
5The Best In The Force - Reprise (Anna Heppner)
6Elija Wizand (Anna Heppner)
7Did You Guess Who Did It? (Anna Heppner)
81A (Anna Heppner)
92A (Anna Heppner)
101B (Anna Heppner)
112B (Anna Heppner)
123A (Anna Heppner)
133B (Anna Heppner)
144A (Anna Heppner)
154B (Anna Heppner)
165 (Anna Heppner)
17Final (Anna Heppner)
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