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Esther - Vocal CD - Track Listing

Esther - Vocal CD by Richard Cowling
#Track DetailsSample
1Listen Very Closely (Jonny Ardern)
2Susa (Jonny Ardern)
3King Of The Persians (Jonny Ardern)
4Scene Change - Queen Vashti's Party (Jonny Ardern)
5When You’re A Queen (Jonny Ardern)
6Scene Change - King Xerxes' Palace (Jonny Ardern)
7The Proclamation (Jonny Ardern)
8Scene Change - Mordecai's House (Jonny Ardern)
9We Are A People (Jonny Ardern)
10Scene Change - The Palace Court (Jonny Ardern)
11Beauty Treatment (Jonny Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
12Scene Change - Xerxes Royal Throne Room (Jonny Ardern)
13The Parade (Jonny Ardern)
14Chosen By The King (Jonny Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
15Scene Change - The King's Gate (Jonny Ardern)
16Scene Change - The King's Gate, Later (Jonny Ardern)
17Bow To Me (Jonny Ardern)
18Scene Change - King's Throne Room (Jonny Ardern)
19Scene Change - The King's Gate (Jonny Ardern)
20A Time Like This (Jonny Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
21Act One Playout (Jonny Ardern)
22Entr-acte (Jonny Ardern)
23Scene Change - Haman's House (Jonny Ardern)
24The Art Of Elimination (Jonny Ardern)
25Scene Change - The King's Bedroom (Jonny Ardern)
26Sleepless In Susa (Jonny Ardern)
27Scene Change - Outside The Palace (Jonny Ardern)
28Scene Change - Beauty Treatment (Jonny Ardern)
29If I Have Found Favour (Jonny Ardern)
30Mercy! (Jonny Ardern)
31Hang Him High! (Jonny Ardern)
32Finale (Jonny Ardern)
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