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Around the World in Eighty Days - Vocal CD - Track Listing

Around the World in Eighty Days - Vocal CD by Richard Cowling
#Track DetailsSample
1Introduction (Jonny Ardern)
2I’m Phileas Fogg (Jonny Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
3Passepartout’s Song (Jonny Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
4Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
5What Is The World Coming To? (Jonny Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
6Around The World In Eighty Days (Jonny Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
7Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
8To Catch A Thief (Jonny Ardern)
9Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
10Indian Temple Procession (Jonny Ardern)
11Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
12Searching Music And Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
13Elephant Ride (Jonny Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
14Thuggee Procession (Jonny Ardern)
15Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
16Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
17Courtroom Song (Jonny Ardern)
18Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
19When Will He See Me - Vocal (Jonny Ardern)
20Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
21Drinking Song (Jonny Ardern)
22Act One Playout (Jonny Ardern)
23Entr’acte (Jonny Ardern)
24Circus Music (Jonny Ardern)
25Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
26Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
27The Union Pacific (Jonny Ardern)
28Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
29We Are Sioux (Jonny Ardern)
30War Dance & Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
31The Sled Sped Ahead (Jonny Ardern)
32Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
33Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
34At Last I See You (Jonny Ardern)Play MP3 Excerpt
35Scene Change (Jonny Ardern)
36Finale (Jonny Ardern)
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