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Marvellous Marie - Backing CD - Track Listing

Marvellous Marie - Backing CD by Richard Cowling
#Track DetailsSample
1Marvellous Marie Curie (Richard Cowling)Play MP3 Excerpt
2Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
3I Want To Know (Richard Cowling)Play MP3 Excerpt
4Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
5Great Sadness (Richard Cowling)Play MP3 Excerpt
6Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
7Polonaise (Richard Cowling)
8Mazurka (Richard Cowling)
9Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
10Young Love (Richard Cowling)Play MP3 Excerpt
11Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
12Paris! (Richard Cowling)Play MP3 Excerpt
13Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
14Magnetism! (Richard Cowling)Play MP3 Excerpt
15Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
16Nobel Prize Ceremony (Richard Cowling)
17Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
18Women Have No Place Within Science (Richard Cowling)
19Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
20Great Sadness - Reprise (Richard Cowling)
21Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
22The World’s At War! (Richard Cowling)
23Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
24Polish National Anthem (Richard Cowling)
25The Star-Spangled Banner (Richard Cowling)
26Scene Change (Richard Cowling)
27Radioactivity Rap (Richard Cowling)
28Optional Bows (Richard Cowling)
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