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Wolfbane! - Mixed CD - Track Listing

Wolfbane! - Mixed CD by George Douglas Lee
#Track DetailsSample
1Overture (George Douglas Lee)Play MP3 Excerpt
2A Gypsy’s Life (George Douglas Lee)Play MP3 Excerpt
3Wolfbane! (George Douglas Lee)Play MP3 Excerpt
4A Little Superstition (George Douglas Lee)Play MP3 Excerpt
5Vulgaria (George Douglas Lee)
6Good People, Give Your Minds Rest (George Douglas Lee)
7Things Are Never What They Seem (George Douglas Lee)
8Valeska (George Douglas Lee)
9The Two Of Me (George Douglas Lee)
10Finale (George Douglas Lee)
11Overture (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
12A Gypsy’s Life (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
13Wolfbane! (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
14A Little Superstition (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
15Vulgaria (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
16Good People, Give Your Minds Rest (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
17Things Are Never What They Seem (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
18Valeska (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
19The Two Of Me (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
20Finale (Piano/Vocal Version) (Jonny Ardern)
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