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An Heir for the King - Vocal CD - Track Listing

An Heir for the King - Vocal CD by Wesley A. Knoch
#Track DetailsSample
1Overture (Wesley Knoch)
2Guilty (Wesley Knoch)
3Renaissance Dance (Wesley Knoch)
4Hither, Thither And Yon (Wesley Knoch)Play MP3 Excerpt
5Never Go Alone (Wesley Knoch)
6Never Go Alone - Reprise (Wesley Knoch)
7Peasant Dance (Wesley Knoch)
8Get Ready For The King (Wesley Knoch)Play MP3 Excerpt
9Impress (Wesley Knoch)
10Just Me (Wesley Knoch)Play MP3 Excerpt
11Big Day (Wesley Knoch)
12Just Me - Reprise (Wesley Knoch)
13Too Busy (Wesley Knoch)Play MP3 Excerpt
14I Found My Heir (Wesley Knoch)
15Welcome Now The King (Wesley Knoch)
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