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A Brief History Of The United States - Mixed CD - Track Listing

A Brief History Of The United States - Mixed CD by Andrew Yates
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1Brand New World (Backing) (Andrew Yates)Play MP3 Excerpt
2Pilgrims (Backing) (Andrew Yates)
3Presidents (Backing) (Andrew Yates)
4Wild Wild West (Backing) (Andrew Yates)
5Russians And Poles (Backing) (Andrew Yates)
6The Roaring Twenties (Backing) (Andrew Yates)
7Mod Cons (Backing) (Andrew Yates)
8America The Beautiful (Backing) (Andrew Yates)
9Brand New World (With Melody) (Andrew Yates)
10Pilgrims (With Melody) (Andrew Yates)Play MP3 Excerpt
11Presidents (With Melody) (Andrew Yates)
12Wild Wild West (With Melody) (Andrew Yates)
13Russians And Poles (With Melody) (Andrew Yates)
14The Roaring Twenties (With Melody) (Andrew Yates)Play MP3 Excerpt
15Mod Cons (With Melody) (Andrew Yates)Play MP3 Excerpt
16America The Beautiful (With Melody) (Andrew Yates)
17Brand New World (With Vocals) (Andrew Yates)
18Pilgrims (With Vocals) (Andrew Yates)
19Presidents (With Vocals) (Andrew Yates)
20Wild Wild West (With Vocals) (Andrew Yates)Play MP3 Excerpt
21Russians And Poles (With Vocals) (Andrew Yates)
22The Roaring Twenties (With Vocals) (Andrew Yates)
23Mod Cons (With Vocals) (Andrew Yates)
24America The Beautiful (With Vocals) (Andrew Yates)
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