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Caradog And The Celts - Backing CD - Track Listing

Caradog And The Celts - Backing CD by Penny Burns
#Track DetailsSample
1We Are The Crafty Celts (Penny Burns)
2Song And Dance For Beltane (Penny Burns)Play MP3 Excerpt
3There’s Nothing Like A Good Battle (Penny Burns)
4Da Boch Chi (Penny Burns)Play MP3 Excerpt
5Caradog’s Song (Penny Burns)
6Hail Claudius - Instrumental (Penny Burns)Play MP3 Excerpt
7Cantankerous Celts (Penny Burns)
8Finale - Medley (Penny Burns)Play MP3 Excerpt
9SFX 1 Silvery Magical Sound (Penny Burns)
10SFX 2 Birdsong (Penny Burns)
11SFX 3 Horse Approaching (Penny Burns)
12SFX 4 Crackling Fire (Penny Burns)
13SFX 5 Roman Arrival Drums And Fanfare (Penny Burns)
14SFX 6 The Carnyx (Penny Burns)Play MP3 Excerpt
15SFX 7 War Drums (Penny Burns)
16SFX 8 Roman Victory Fanfare (Penny Burns)
17SFX 9 Clanking Prison Door (Penny Burns)
18SFX 10 Fanfare (Penny Burns)
19SFX 11 Drum Roll (Penny Burns)
20SFX 12 Crackling Fire (Penny Burns)
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