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Currently, we have 2878 scripts in this category. We therefore offer lots of ways of narrowing down the search for the scripts that will suit you group.
Click this link to browse through the whole collection of scripts suitable for adults, or follow the links below to narrow-down the search...
(This category excludes pantomimes - see below.)
Full-length plays (generally suitable for a whole evening's entertainment) One-Act plays (by length, not necessarily by structure) Sketches, skits and short plays (everything under 20 minutes)
Plays by Genre
Musicals (with sheet music)
Musical Plays (with song suggestions)
Mysteries (those that aren't whodunnits)
Plays with Religious/Moral Themes
Drama based on Old Testament Stories
New Testament Stories
"Christian Commentaries" (plays with religious themes, but not based on any specific text)
Other moral plays.
These include
Full-Length Pantomimes (usually family-friendly)
Risqué Pantomimes (shows for adults)
Mid-Length Pantomimes (usually family-friendly)
Short Pantos (often in verse)
For further breakdown, see our pantomime pages!
Plays by Numbers
Plays (excluding panto) that can be performed by companies of...
0F +  1M2M,  3M4M5M6M
0M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
1M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
2M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
3M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
4M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
5M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
6M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
Plays for more than 6 Males (and any number of females)
Plays for more than 6 Females (and any number of males)
Large-cast plays (with a chorus in the sense of "crowd")  
This is a complex category! Many companies have mixes of ages, and many plays are for characters of indeterminate age.  If you have very specific requirements, then our Play Script search engine may be a better place to start.  To give a flavour of what is possible, here are a few examples:
All characters over 65
Some characters over 65 plus others of unspecified age
Some characters 51 to 65 no limits on the other characters
No characters must be under 35 (though some might be) Lots of other combinations are possible!

You can use combinations of the above categories (and a lot more) in our
Play Script search engine

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