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The Queen's Orchid by Geoff Bamber
Performance by Chelford Junior Players won the Adjudicator’s Special Award at Chelford Drama Festival 2015
RolesMinimum Male roles = 2. Minimum Female roles = 4. Minimum total with doubling = 13. Minimum total without doubling = 14. No chorus. Some roles - Prime Minister, Doctor, Gardener, Guard Captain... - are written male but could be played female.
Can non-speaking roles be a chorus? If so, the Guards are a chorus. If not, there's just a number of unspeakable guards.
Run TimeAround 30 minutes. [Estimated!]
StyleThirty-minute play for kids. (I think this is a one-act play, but it's structured in four acts.) There are, in theory, two locations, but, as it says in the script, all castles are identical!
SynopsisThings aren't looking good for King Rufus of Celestopia. His kingdom is perpetually on the brink of war with the neighbouring Zeldania, his daughter wants to marry a Zeldanian prince, and his wife's birthday is coming up. He know's it's coming up because she keeps dropping hints about it. She wants a present. A very specific present. She want's a particular orchid. And guess who grows this orchid? None other that the rival Queen Zelda - a woman so powerfull that she has a whole kingdom named after her...
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