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Tumultus by Nicholas Richards
RolesMinimum Male roles = 10. Minimum Female roles = 3. Minimum total with doubling = 18. Minimum total without doubling = 27. Chorus. Most of the named characters are written male (for reasons of historical verisimilitude), but some could be played female. The two groups of supporters could accommodate a large number of extras, up to the capacity of your amphitheatre.
Run TimeAround 15 minutes. [Estimated!]
StyleShort drama (played for comedy) in which the protagonists speak Latin and the narrators, where necessary, translate. This is based on a real event, reported by the military historian Tacitus.
SynopsisIn 59 AD, a disgraced Roman Senator, Livineius Regulus, put on a spectacular gladiatorial contest in Pompeii. An incident at the contest sparked a riot (the Tumultus of the title) between Pompeians and rival supporters from Nuceria. This play takes us through the events.
(The run time may be extended, depending on the time spent in gladiatorial contests and riot.)
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