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Jesters, Jousters & Donuts by Patti Veconi
RolesMinimum Male roles = 0. Minimum Female roles = 3. Minimum total with doubling = 17. Minimum total without doubling = 25. Chorus.
Run TimeAround 54 minutes. [Estimated!]
MusicEight pieces of Renaissance-themed music, scored for junior school musicians, are provided with the Producer's copy of this script.
StyleA one act Renaissance-themed school play with music.
SynopsisA troupe of re-enactors assemble in a small town to stage their annual Renaissance Fair - just as contractors with the Dept. of Buildings arrive to announce plans for the sale of the land they are on. The narrator arranges a stay of execution and the show, featuring an archery contest, juggling jesters, a jousting match and not one, but three rival queens, can go on. When the contractors return, (with donuts to share), the actors make their sad goodbyes and exit. The clever Narrator, however, makes a discovery that saves the Renaissance Fair and brings the charming village of Notting-Sher-Wessex-Wood back.
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