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Ali Baba and the Four Tea Thieves by Lee Baddock & Chris Kirby
RolesMinimum Male roles = 4. Minimum Female roles = 2. Minimum total with doubling = 14. Minimum total without doubling = 16. Chorus. The chorus is optional. The cast includes a pantomime camel and the usual pantomime juxtopositions - with the dame played by a man and the 'principal boy' role open to a lady.
Run TimeAround 90 minutes. [Estimated!]
MusicEight songs are suggested in the Producer's Copy of the scripts, with alternative lyrics to one of them. Lazy Bee Scripts does not supply any sheet music with this script.
StyleFull-length British pantomime - jokes, slapstick, that sort of thing. One scene is a bit bloodthirsty, but the authors provide an alternative in the Producer's Copy of the script!
SynopsisAli Baba overhears the thieves password to get into their treasure cave. Unfortunately for him, the thieves find out and sneak after him disguised as oil jars! (Fortunately for Ali, the thieves are rather incompetent and, for many years, have stolen little but tea!)
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