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Perseus and the Gorgon's Head by Geoff Bamber
RolesMinimum Male roles = 5. Minimum Female roles = 3. Minimum total with doubling = 9. Minimum total without doubling = 24. No chorus. Twenty-three speaking roles plus non-speaking builders. Very flexible casting, with lots of opportunities for doubling (Perseus, for example, could bear an uncanny resemblance to his father!)
Run TimeAround 45 minutes. [Estimated!]
StyleOne-act comedy play for kids. (One-act in length, four acts in structure.) A retelling of Greek myth. No set requirements.
SynopsisDanae and her son Perseus are thrown out of Argos. (The play doesn't say where they do their shopping after that.) They are washed-up on the island of Seriphos, where King Polydectes has designs on Danae. To get rid of Perseus, Polydectes sends him on a quest to bring back the head of the Gorgon Medusa. With help from unlikely quarters (gods, the Delphic Oracle, that sort of thing), Perseus succeeds. Pausing only to rescue the beautiful Andromeda, he returns to Seriphos and fulfils his destiny with a javelin.
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