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'Emotions 2' by 10 x 10 Writers - read the full script on-line.

Emotions 2
Emotions 2
by 10 x 10 Writers
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A collection of 8 short plays, originally commissioned for a youth theatre workshop.
Each play is for six actors or fewer, playing a mixture of adults and children, and intended - as suggested in the title- to demonstrate emotions or emotional situations.
(The plays are not designed to be performed in any particular order.)

Cast: Minimum of 3F, 5M.  Estimated run time: 45 minutes.
The following plays can be purchased and performed as individual plays, or (at a discount) purchased and performed as the complete collection. Each script can be read in full by following the links below.
Baciato Dalla Grazia by Jonathan Edgington
Parents! by Margaret Histed
Choir Boy by Dian Donovan
Friends by David Dunn
You're Not Wearing That by Steve Menary
In Out by Bruce Hunt
Summer Break by Caroline Spencer
Going Out by Sarah Reilly
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