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'Still Life' by Karen Ankers - additional information.

'Still Life' by Karen Ankers
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Period and Geography
Location: a non-specific location. Time Period: Now
Settings and Set Complexity
Number of Sets: 1
Setting: Street
Set Requirements: Backdrops/simple flats
The script includes characters in the following age range(s):
13 to 16
17 to 20
21 to 35
36 to 50
51 to 65
 Language Advisory:Help
Swearing rate: 3 rude words per thousand
We have identified the following types of language in the text:
Sexual swearwords
Mild swearwords
Potential blasphemy
In addition to the text, the "Producer's Copy" of the Script includes the following:
A list of the required properties
A list of the required sound effects
Costume notes
One-act play. Simple (street) setting. Contains swearing (and poignancy.)
A moving, thought provoking one act play with a modern tale of two social misfits coming together and each, in their own way supporting the other. Jenny is lonely and frightened having had no social contact since her childhood, not having left the house she shares with her abusive father for over twenty years. She has suffered a final trauma at home and in her despair wanders the streets where she encounters Keith, a bitter unemployed alcoholic trying to eke a living as a street entertainer. As an uplifting, at first reluctant, relationship develops between them an optimistic chink throws light on their despondency.


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