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'Odd Ball' by Steve Menary - additional information.

'Odd Ball' by Steve Menary
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Period and Geography
Location: England. Time Period: Now
Settings and Set Complexity
Number of Sets: 2
Setting: Bedroom, Park and 'Other Location'
Set Requirements: Backdrops/simple flats
The script includes characters in the following age range(s):
13 to 16
 Language Advisory:Help
Swearing rate: 1 rude word per thousand
We have identified the following types of language in the text:
Mild swearwords
Potential blasphemy
In addition to the text, the "Producer's Copy" of the Script includes the following:
A list of the required properties
One-act play about a teenager with testicular cancer. Rapid alternation of scenes implies an outline set, rather than detail - thus suitable as a festival piece. Contains mild swearing and discussion of a serious subject!
Danny is a football player on his school team, but he's got a secret - something like a spot in a very private place. It turns out to be a lot more serious than acne, and costs him his place on the team, and the friendship of his closest mate. Are they both gone forever?
(The script is in British English, so 'football' refers to a game in which the ball is addressed principally by the players' feet.)
Awards (won by this script or performances of the script):
Perfomance by Berriew YFC won the Best Production (plus two other awards) in the NFYFC National Finals, 2010.


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