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Macbeth (by Geoff Bamber)
Macbeth - Which Witch is Which? (by Juliet Devon)
Macbeth [a 60-minute abridgement] (by Shakespeare abridged by Dwayne Lawler)
Macbeth In Seventeen And A Half Minutes Or Less (by Christine Harvey)
Macbeth The Musical (by Gerald P. Murphy)
Madame Blavatsky Lives (by Joan Greening)
Madame Skoodle's Noodles And The Poodle Doodle (by Erica Glenn)
The Madness of Sherlock Holmes (by JPS Yates)
The Magic Apple Tree (by Brian Coyle)
The Magic Carpet (by Andrew Yates)
A Magic Paint Brush (by Gerald P. Murphy)
The Magic Shoes (by Jack Burgess)
The Magic Tinderbox (by Peter Bond)
The Magic Tree [Children's Play] (by Michal Y Noah)
The Magician's Assistant (by Geoff Bamber)
Maid in China (by Philippa Smith)
Maintenance (by Bob Tucker)
Make Me a Celebrity - Now! (by Trevor Suthers)
Make This Go Away (by Robert M. Barr)
Make Up (by Terry Adlam)

Scripts 1 to 20 of 218
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