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'Bite-Size - Six Vampire Plays' by 10 x 10 Writers - read the full script on-line.

Bite-Size - Six Vampire Plays
by 10 x 10 Writers
Read the complete script on line. All the scripts on this site are copyrighted and may not be printed, quoted or performed without the permission of Lazy Bee Scripts.
A set of six short vampire plays for youth theatre.
Generally comedic, with some sharper edges.

Cast: Minimum of 2F, 4M.  Estimated run time: 37 minutes.
The following plays can be purchased and performed as individual plays, or (at a discount) purchased and performed as the complete collection. Each script can be read in full by following the links below.
Vamping It Up by Jonathan Edgington
Boy Band by Margaret Histed
Visitors by Heather Bryant
Open Evening by David Dunn
Trick Or Treat? [Sketch] by Karen Fitzsimmons
Secret Of A Vampire by Sarah Reilly
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