Bear Business Services
Lazy Bee Scripts

Bees and Bears Embroidered Clothing

Custom-Embroidered Clothes from Bear Business Services available through Lazy Bee Scripts

Embroidery Overview

We embroider any mixture of logos and text.

We have a limited range of standard logos (currently associated with specific shows) or we can embroider with a logo that you supply.
If you supply the logo, there will be a set-up cost with your first order, but if you order more than a specified number of items, the set-up cost will be waived. 

If you use one of our standard logos, then there is no set-up cost
(but our logo for Cinderella may be inappropriate for your production of Sweeney Todd).
We can embroider text either in one of our standard fonts or in your specific font.
(We treat your fonts as if they are logos, so there is a set-up cost, as above, but there is no set-up cost for our standard fonts.)
You can find out more using the links below, or you can just tell us your requirements
Our Standard Logos Upload Your Own Logo Our Standard Fonts Upload Text in Your Own Font