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Bees and Bears Embroidered Clothing

Custom-Embroidered Clothes from Bear Business Services available through Lazy Bee Scripts

Terms and Conditions for Supply of Embroidered Clothing
1. Clothing
 The clothing supplied will be as described on the Bees and Bears web site.
 In the event of particular garments not being available from the manufacturer, we will inform the customer and offer alternatives or a refund.
2. Embroidery
 Clothing will be embroidered according to agreement with the customer. This agreement is based on a combination of
 (1) Logos supplied by us as shown on the web site
 (2) Logos or text in customer-specific fonts uploaded by the customer
 (3) Text entered by the customer using one of our standard fonts as selected by the customer
 (4) A run sheet displaying how the combination of text and logos will appear when embroidered
3. Pre-order Process Timetable
 We will respond to new logos within 3 days of the logo being uploaded by the customer.
 In most cases, the response will be a price quote. However, the response may be that we need more time to assess a complex logo.
4. Order Process Timetable
 When a customer places an order using a new combination of logo and/or text, we will respond within 7 days by e-mail with a 'run sheet' which shows the stitching pattern for the embroidery. (For complex cases, we may send an embroidered sample by post.)
 It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm that the embroidery shown on the run sheet is acceptable.
 This is a 'make to order' business. We do not have pre-embroidered garments on our shelves. Embroidery takes time. Our intention is to complete all embroidery and ship the goods to the customer within 21 days of receipt of the customer's acceptance of the 'run sheet'. Where this is not possible (for example because of delays in the supply of clothing to our factory), we will inform the customer and make appropriate arrangements.
5. Delivery
 This service is only applicable to countries within the European Union. (Beyond Europe, shipping costs and import duties will make this an uneconomic proposition.)
 For deliveries within the UK (excluding Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland) we will use a service designed to reach the customer within 2 working days of shipping.
 For deliveries outside the UK, we will use a service designed to reach the customer in approximately 4 working days.
6. Returns and Refunds
 Customers wishing to return something or to receive a refund must contact us first (see the Contact pages of the web site)
 The customer may cancel orders (and have the value refunded) without penalty up to the point at which the embroidery run sheet is confirmed as acceptable.
 The customer may cancel the order after the customer has accepted the run sheet, but refunds will be limited by the amount of work already undertaken.
 If we deliver items that are not as specified in the order, we will refund or replace provided that we have been notified within 14 days of the shipment date.
 Except where we have supplied goods that are not as specified, returns made at customer request will be at the customer's expense.