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Terms and Conditions for Script Appraisal

Lazy Bee Scripts Appraisal Terms and Conditions
1. What we provide
 An on-line process whereby an author can submit a script for appraisal (in exchange for an appraisal fee).
 Delivery of the script to a reviewer for appraisal. (Lazy Bee Scripts acts as an agency between the author and the reviewer.)
 The outcome of the appraisal in the form of the reviewer's written critique of the script, covering points of style, content and suitability for the chosen market.
 Where appropriate, we will also provide a copy of the script with errors highlighted by the reviewer.
2. Appraisal Timetable
 We intend to review all scripts submitted within 14 calendar days of receipt of payment.
 When the appraisal is complete, we send the author an e-mail explaining how to access the appraisal outcomes. The outcomes will be made available (only to the author) for download from the Lazy Bee Scripts web site.
 In the event that we expect to be unable to complete a review according to the advised timetable, we will contact the author and agree an approach. (This may include a revision to the timetable or a refund.)
3. Appraisal Outcome
 The appraisal outcome is the opinion of the reviewer. Since this is the opinion of a human being, it may be different from that of the author. However, we regard that as part of the benefit of the process - it tells the author how the script appears to a third party (even where that party completely misunderstood the author's intentions).
 A positive appraisal is not a guarantee of publication by Lazy Bee Scripts or by anyone else.
 The appraisal does not cover whether or not the script meets the submission guidelines of any publisher. It is the author's responsibility to study the submission guidelines before submitting work to a publisher.
4. Copyright
 The submitted script remains the copyright of the author. The reviewer and Lazy Bee Scripts will not share the contents with any other party.
 If, during the appraisal, the reviewer identifies any areas where the script may infringe the copyright or trademarks of other writers or organisations, this information will be included in the review. However, the reviewer and Lazy Bee Scripts do not accept any liability for failure to identify copyright or trademark infringement.
 The review remains the copyright of the reviewer and may not be quoted publicly in whole or in part without the permission of the reviewer (via Lazy Bee Scripts), therefore if the author wishes to quote the review on a book cover or web site or in any other public place, then he or she must first contact Lazy Bee Scripts for permission.
5. Submission Format
 The author is responsible for submitting the script in a format acceptable to the reviewer. Scripts submitted in other formats may be rejected without redress.
 This service only accepts electronic submissions made via the form on the Lazy Bee Scripts web site. A list of acceptable file formats can be found on the script upload page.
 The submitted script must be formatted for A4 or Letter paper with the pages in portrait format. The text must use a common legible font.
 The submitted file must not have any password protection or locking mechanism which would prevent access or prevent the reviewer from highlighting errors in an electronic copy of the text.
6. Completeness of Script
 Normally, we expect to receive complete scripts for review.
 The reviewer will only consider the material that has been submitted for the current review.
 An author may choose to send an incomplete script, in which case the review will be based on the material submitted. If a script is incomplete, the reviewer will be unable to come to conclusions about the quality of the plotting.
 If an incomplete script is submitted, the author should make that clear at the start of the script file, otherwise the review will assume that the script is intended to be complete.
7. Word Count
 The price quoted for reviewing will be on the basis of the word count specified by the author. The author is responsible for supplying an accurate word count.
 The word count must cover every word contained in the submitted script, including, but not limited to, titles, character descriptions, speeches, stage directions and production notes.
 The reviewer will check the word count and will delete all text beyond the word count specified by the author during the submission process prior to commencing the review.
8. Returns and Refunds
 If the wrong script, or the wrong edition of a script is submitted, then the author should notify Lazy Bee Scripts by e-mail as soon as the error is detected. In the event that the review has not been carried out, Lazy Bee Scripts will, at its discretion, either accept a substitute script or issue a refund.
 Disagreement with the content of a review is not regarded as grounds for refunding of the appraisal fee.
 Failure to deliver the appraisal on time may be grounds for a refund, subject to discussion between the author, the reviewer and Lazy Bee Scripts.

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