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Terms and Conditions for Downloads (other than stage scripts)

Lazy Bee Scripts Merchandise Download Terms and Conditions
1. What we provide
 Material is made available for download from the internet in a fixed file format, normally a .pdf file.
 (Most browsers can display and print .pdf files, if yours can't, then a reader is available as a free download from the Adobe web site, - search for free PDF reader.)
2. If you purchase Downloadable Merchandise from Lazy Bee Scripts, you may:-
 Print as many copies as you need for the purposes of your organisation (theatre group, school, etc.) except where excluded by other clauses in these terms.
 Make changes to the material to suit the needs of your group.
3. If you purchase Master Copies, then you may not:-
 Sell or otherwise transfer the master copies or material derived from the master copies and intended to form all or part of a master copy to any party outside your organisation in printed or electronic form. (Master copies are supplied for your organisation alone.)
 Represent the work contained in the master scripts as your own. (All the work is copyrighted. Breach of copyright is actionable in a court of law.)
4. Returns and Refunds
 If you buy merchandise by mistake, or if we make the wrong merchandise available for download, you have the right to refund and/or replacement provided that you notify Lazy Bee Scripts within 7 days of your order being accepted by us. If you wish to request a refund or replacement, please contact us before taking any other action. (For example, it is easier and cheaper for us to process a refund than if you cancel a transaction with your credit card company.) See our Contact page for contact details. Please quote your order number in any correspondence.
 Since downloads are provided as electronic copies, the concept of a return is meaningless.

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