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Terms and Conditions for Performances other than Stage Shows

Lazy Bee Scripts Event Performance Terms and Conditions
1. What we provide
 License to perform material (other than play scripts) supplied by Lazy Bee Scripts, in whole or in part
 'Material' includes scenarios for Murder Mystery events.
 Writers get most of their income from performance royalties. Each time material is performed, the author is entitled to a royalty fee.
2. Availability
 Performance licences are only available to individuals and groups who have previously purchased the relevant material from Lazy Bee Scripts.
3. Type of performance
 A performance fee is levied at a flat rate, regardless of the nature of the performance, and regardless of the size of the audience.
4. What counts as a performance?
 Any performance in front of an audience incurs performance royalties.
 Rehearsals do not count as performances but...
 If you allow an audience to see your 'dress rehearsal', this counts as a performance and is liable for performance royalties. (Some groups do this, with a reduced entry charge, to give the performers an idea of how the audience will react.)
5. Changes in Performance Requirements
 It is recognised that performance requirements may change during the planning of a production.
 Additional performances can be added at any time by visiting the relevant Lazy Bee Scripts web page and purchasing additional performance licences.
 Reduction in the number of performances, including cancellation of the show, qualify for refunds (see below).
6. Refunds
 Any performances cancelled and notified to Lazy Bee Scripts five days or more before the planned first show qualify for full refunds of the performance licence fee for the cancelled performances. If you wish to request a refund, please contact us before taking any other action. (For example, it is easier and cheaper for us to process a refund than if you cancel a transaction with your credit card company.) See our Contact page for contact details. Please quote your order number in any correspondence.
 Performances cancelled within five days of the first performance are not eligible for refunds.

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