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Terms and Conditions for Protecting Your Data

Lazy Bee Scripts Privacy Terms and Conditions
1. What we gather
 Lazy Bee Scripts collects the information you enter into our web forms. (Typically we gather name, address, e-mail address, phone number and, where applicable, organisation name. We will cross-reference this information to anything you have purchased from us.) This is necessary in order that we can do our business, which is to provide you with scripts, performance licences and anything else we sell or offer as a service via our web site.
 Lazy Bee Scripts may also collect contact details for potential customers from publically available sources. (Typically this is limited to an e-mail address, a name and an organisation name.)
2. What we don't gather
 Lazy Bee Scripts does not gather or store your Credit Card information. When you pay by Credit Card, you are routed to WorldPay, which provides a secure payment service. WorldPay does not disclose your card details to Lazy Bee Scripts.
 If you make a Credit Card payment by phone, Lazy Bee Scripts enters your card information straight into the WorldPay secure payment service. Lazy Bee Scripts does not keep a record of your card details.
 Lazy Bee Scripts does not gather any information about you that is not part of doing our business with you.
3. What we do with information
 Lazy Bee Scripts uses the information to respond to your orders and deliver scripts, performance licences and other Lazy Bee Scripts merchandise and services to you.
 We may use your Lazy Bee Scripts purchasing history to profile your interests in products and services from Lazy Bee Scripts.
4. Who will see the information
 The information you provide will only be disclosed to the staff and agents of Lazy Bee Scripts (the people involved directly in fulfilling your orders), to WorldPay (if you pay by Credit or Debit Card) and to the authors of any scripts (or music files) you purchase.
 (Generally, information provided to authors is just the name of the organisaion performing their work. Occasionally, playwrights want to see performances of their works, in which case, we may put them in touch with you, using the contact details you have provided.)
5. What we do not do with information
 Lazy Bee Scripts will not disclose information about you to any third party unless required to do so by law.
 Lazy Bee Scripts does not engage in the sale of mailing lists or other personal information.
6. Your Rights
 You have the right to know what data we hold about you, the right to have any errors in that data corrected, and the right to have data deleted.
 If you wish to excercise any of these rights, please contact us by any of the means listed in the 'Contact Us' page of the Lazy Bee Scripts web site.
 The right to data deletion my be constrained by the needs of financial reporting and the need to maintain an ability to do supply performance rights to an organisation that has purchased scripts. If such a conflict arrises in response to your request, Lazy Bee Scripts will discuss it with you with the aim of coming to a mutually satisfactory solution.
7. Cookies
 When you interact with the commercial side of our web site (for example to find a price or place an order), or you interact with specific services such as Reading Lists, we need to maintain a link between your computer and our web pages as you move from page to page. We do this with a cookie.
 Cookies are tiny files stored by your web browser. We use short-lived cookies to keep track of your shopping basket, and one (longer-lived) cookie if you place an order. (The latter tells us that you're a previous customer when you return to place another order.)
 The cookies do not hold any personal or sensitive information. They do not provide any information that could be useful to a third party.

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